Friday, August 29, 2014

Legoland Review

We love Legos in our house. So when our homeschool group set up a field trip to Legoland we were so excited!  Legos everywhere? Lego Rides? Lego stores? Lego themed show??  Oh yeah! Sounds like fun!

 How cute is this??  I can't believe all of the detail.  I know I expected detail, but they really did put small details into every part of the park.  I think this is so fantastic for the kids imaginations!  You can build pretty much anything with legos!

This is so crazy!! It's the space shuttle built out of legos! Not only fun, but educational too!

I LOVE this pirate ship!!  One of my favorite parts of mini land!

And the shows were totally cool!! We were so entertained! So exciting!

And I can't forget the boys favorite part of going...Star Wars!

It was a fantastically fun day at Legoland Florida.  Entertaining, terrific fun on the rides, and sights to see everywhere you turn.  What a great field trip!

*The review is purely my opinion when my family visited here. (pictures are from our trip). I was not compensated for this post.

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