Friday, November 21, 2014

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Review

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Review

If you are in the Miami area, the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is certainly somewhere that you will want to visit.  It costs about $18 per adult and is well worth every penny!

The view from the front is absolutely breathtaking!

The gardens are so much fun to explore!  

The paths and gardens are so well kept and beautiful.

While you are free to explore the inside of the villa, no pictures are allowed.  Let me just say though, it exceeded what I though it was going to be like.  As you can see from the outdoor photos, it is beautiful.  The inside is extraordinarily spectacular. So breathtaking!

Isn't this just amazing?!

Be sure to check out  Vizcaya Museum & Gardens next time you are in Miami. It is an amazing experience!

*The review is purely my opinion when my family visited here. (pictures are from our trip). I was not financially compensated for this post.
Please do not copy, print, crop or alter these images in any way without contacting me first. Thanks!

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