Friday, December 5, 2014

Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill Review

Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill Review

 Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill is an amazing little place located on Hollywood Beach.  We were super hungry and were extremely happy with our delicious lunch at this bar and grill!

 This little bar and grill is right off of the beach. It is so perfect while hanging out on Hollywood Beach.

The ONION RINGS!  Yummmmmmm  I think these have been the best onion rings we have had to date.
So delicious!!

Blue Cheese burger. Wow. SO. MANY. FLAVORS. Truly tasty!

We loved this eatery! The food and the service were terrific. Can't wait to go back!

*The review is purely my opinion when my family visited here. (pictures are ours). I was not financially compensated for this post.
Please do not copy, print, crop or alter these images in any way without contacting me first. Thanks!

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