Thursday, July 17, 2014

Izzy's Crossing children's book review

Izzy's Crossing

 Photo Credit Author Donna Zappala

Izzy's Crossing is the the story about an adorable Diamondback Terrapin Turtle. This is the sequel to WHAT KIND OF TURTLE AM I?, which is the introduction of Izzy.  In Izzy's Crossing, Izzy is about to lay her eggs, but does not know how to get there. This  wonderful story follows this cute sea creature through her adventure. Izzy meets many different animals along the way and sees many places.  Izzy uses creativity and turtle heart to find her way. 

I love how this story travels along with Izzy and teaches the kids about what happens when a turtle lays her eggs. The children can certainly relate through the adventure that the author paints through words. And I need to mention the pictures!  The illustrator paints a soft and wonderful picture to follow the story. Absolutely adorable! A definite must to any home library.

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*Thank you to the author for sending me an e-copy to review. Thank you also to Donna Zappala for photo.
Review is my opinion only.

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